Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Oscar Red Carpet

This past Sunday the Oscars were on and I spent a majority of the day on the couch watching the Countdown to the Oscars and all the red carpet readiness. I was not nearly as excited for the ACTUAL Oscars as I was for the red carpet looks and stars. I found an equal array of hits and misses but like all good things I chose to focus only on the hits! Here are my top fav looks from the Oscars: 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

In Sickness and in Health

Hello my wonderful people! I have risen from the dead after being sick with mono for what felt like an eternity (actually 2 weeks but hey!). What I thought was the flu and then strep turned into the most miserable experience of my life. I tell you, between the fevers, chills, night sweats, fatigue, nausea, swollen glands, and dehydration I was a bit of a hot mess. Simple things like getting a glass of water felt like the most physical activity ever! It truly made me value good health and the power of sleep! 

But have no fear because I am back and with a vengeance! 

You have no idea how good it felt to actually get ready for work and do my hair, makeup, and put on something other than sweats! 

Here is yesterday's look! This jacket was a return at work and I instantly snatched it up. I have been obsessed with finding a utility jacket with sequined sleeves for maybe a year? I had to mask the joy on my face when the customer returned it claiming her daughter didn't like it. What's not to like?! Her trash became my treasure! I paired it with my Bauble Bar necklace (that I'd also gotten on sale) because who can resist a little sparkle?? Not to mention my plethora of Alex & Ani bracelets because I love to mix and match my metals. As Michael Kors taught me (when I worked there) it is ok to mix your metals because they stand out better! To top off my look I added my new pair of BP trolleys in gray that I got on sale from work! If you couldn't tell I like to shop on a budget! 

Today's look was inspired by my Parisian roots (from my glory days when I lived in Paris for 3 months!) I'm wearing my favorite black and white striped blazer that I got on sale for $25 from Dry Goods, a black BCBGMAXAZRIA asymmetrical top (that I wear the hell out of) that was a gift from my grandmother, a long pearl necklace with a black bow that I bought when I was just starting out in retail at the tender age of 16 at Aeropostale, black leggings (my staple wardrobe piece) that I bought on sale from work, and my black quilted boots that I also wear the crap out of (it's to the point where the heel is literally about to break off!) that I bought from Charlotte Russe! Here's a little secret: Charlotte Russe has the best deals on shoes ALWAYS! I typically go and buy my boots from there because there's always a sale either buy one get one $10 or $15! $10 for boots?? Yes please! 

Stick with me and I'll show you some goods deals :) 

It's one thing to be a fashionista but it's another thing to do it when you're on a budget! 

À bientôt mess amis! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year Same Me?

When the ball drops at midnight it's the equivalent to repenting for your sins at church after a night out that only your SnapChat remembers. You know what though? That is perfectly ok because the only person that can really judge you is the one looking back at you in the mirror. It may seem cliche but I feel like I went to bed and woke up a more grown up and mature version of myself. I no longer am worried about the opinions of my friends or even my frienamies. I no longer feel compelled to gossip as soon as someone walks into the room that I cannot stand. Instead, I am more concerned with making a name for myself in the industry that I've spent years admiring. Ever since I was 11 years old and I sat down infront of my first sewing machine I felt something inside of me come alive. It was like that scene in Harry Potter when he holds his wand and the wind blows all around him and he just knows, this is what I'm meant to do. That is fashion for me. Whether or not I have 900 Instagram, let alone 900k, followers does not concern me, what does is how I feel while doing it. I may not be in love with someone but I am in love with fashion and that is the most important relationship to me right now. 

Yes a new year is upon us and yes maybe our sins of last year have been washed away but let's make sure that we don't bring them back after only a few weeks? Diet plan? Savings plan? Career plan? Whatever your goal for the year is think of it as a daily objective. The shorter the task the higher the success! Let's do it together! Strength in numbers as they say! 

À bientôt mess amis! 

Juliann Marie

Friday, August 8, 2014

Well Hello Hello

Well hello my beautiful people!

So much has been going on I have neglected to keep my beautiful blog updated :(

Today is a very special day for me! It is my official last day as Product Development intern for the Bradford Exchange after 12 weeks designing concept after concept and putting together spec packages (which I now, am a pro at!) I'm excited for the end of this journey because in my life, the end is just the beginning!

Now I will taking my ever so fashionable self to work at Nordstrom in the BP department. I am excited to be welcomed into the Nordstrom family because they are the epitome of the kind of company I want to own one day! Whether it's the fabulous customer service, the behind the scenes events that go on for customers, or the amazing product they carry, I am pretty freaking excited to call myself a Nordstrom girl! I hope to snag a few years under my belt in order to gain experience within the industry and hopefully (fingers crossed) find myself in corporate designing for their in house private labels one day! We shall see ;)

Has anyone heard of the brand Janaé Marie? NO? Well shame on you! That is the new up and coming fabulous brand my moi and mon ami, ok so me and my best friend are beginning our own fashion design label and are so excited to share with the world what 3 years of hard work and dedication to fashion has taught us! Be on the look out because I KNOW you all want to dress fabulously! It will be a women's wear brand for the Forever 21 girl that's graduating towards moving into her own apartment and having her hands on real money for the first time in her life! Sounds tempting right ;)

Sneak peak of our logo!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Handbag Heaven

Having been at my internship for 4 weeks now I have learned so much about the kind of design aesthetic I have as well as the designer I want to become. I have been doing trend research for Fall 2014 and Spring 15 and started developing concepts for two of the high end artists at my internship, Bob Mackie and Alfred Durante. 

It's not only an amazing opportunity to design for these artists but to see how detail oriented the women in my department are when it comes to developing their concepts and using Photoshop. I am learning so much I feel like a sponge in a puddle, soaking everything up and using it to my advantage. 

I never knew there was a hidden world online full of artistic handbags and apparel. The Bradford Exchange has so many amazing product it's no wonder they have been around for over 100 years! Not all of us can afford the luxury and elegance of Prada, Valentino, or sometimes even Michael Kors but have no fear my starving fashionistas because I have the answer to your problems! 

These handbags look like they're straight out of a magazine and won't break your bank! You can purchase it in full or make installments so you can keep up with your weekly manicures! 

My absolute favorite bag of all is the Bob Mackie Beverly Hills Leather Handbag! It is so gorgeous and the perfect accessory to your everyday wardrobe whether you are a city chic girl or classic maven. I can not wait to purchase mine!  

Here are some of my favorites!

To view more of their work :

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That's What You Get for Waking Up in Vegas

There is no better way to top off my 21st birthday than by going to Vegas for the weekend! Not only did I just start my first week as a Product Designer for the Bradford Group but I got to jet set off on a plane to Sin City! My best friend since high school, Lisa, and I could not wait to begin our rein of terror as we landed in McCarren International Airport. I won't go into too much details because lets not forget, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" 

I will however share with you my fabulous outfits ;) 

My gold sequin Michael Kors dress I wore the first night out to the VIP club tour we went on! 
First stop Haze nightclub at Aria, then onto the party bus and headed to Chateau Paris, then finally stopping at Pure nightclub in Caesars Palace! I loved this look it had Vegas written all over it!

I'm in awe that my Physicians Formula mascara stayed on even during the Avicii Sunday night swim pool party! Obsessed with the Va Va Voom mascara!

My spring time look with a touch of Vegas glam! Nothing beats a natural looking beach wave and a tan! The finishing touch of course is my Physicians Formual Va Va Voom mascara! A touch of gold shadow and Dior Fluid Stick gloss make this every day look perfect for a pool party!

How can I not obsess over this skirt?! The fact that it matches perfectly with my neon green bikini top just means it was fate to have it! This is my outfit to the Lil Jon pool party at Encore Beach Club!

The only proper way to be in the pool in Vegas (with a drink of course)!

I look like a daiquiri ;) This dress was the most amazing find I could ever stumble upon! Can you guess where it's from? H&M!! $12.95. Yes, you heard correct! This was the perfect ensemble for the David Guetta party I went to that night!  

Vegas is like spring break on crack! There's endless parties, drinks, and dancing! The best things come out of the craziest situations and let me tell you being in a place like Vegas really opens your eyes to all the outfit possibilities out there! 

Stay fashionable my friends! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Return of the #InternDiaries

It would appear that I am a sucker for doing internships as I have just completed my first day at my, now, 4th internship. Well, the jokes on you because this one is paid ($$$)! I'm pleased to announce to you that you are looking at the newest Product Development intern for the Bradford Group! 

Upon graduation I was eager to find a job within my field that would help me to my end goal of becoming a well known brand. I had this mental schedule planned out of when I would start my career but it seemed that life got into the way and had other plans! Here I am now, brand new internship and I am ready to show the world what and who I am! 

So yes, get excited because that means more posts and #ootd (outfit of the day) to come! 

 Here is the entrance to the Bradford Group
Behind it you will note some of their memorable pieces and what they are known for:
Collectible Plates.
Everything from Elvis, Michael Jordan, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Kate, etc,. 

 My key card! 

 My bible for the next 3 months!

The wonderful Welcome sign that was on my desk!

Did I mention I have my own desk?!

The phone even has my name on it... (:

My favorite part about this place is the indoor garden and ponds!

I feel like I'm in a tropical rain-forest! 
The gardens in this place is the span of 3 tennis courts!

This is the only building to have indoor tents and skylights!
The architecture in this building has won it 3 awards!!!

This is a project I worked on today for the upcoming Spring/Summer 15 presentation.
There are 36 different Pantone swatches with their color name! 

Let me just tell you that making colored copies is no walk in the park when your zooming in and changing the paper sizes! The printer and I are on a first name basis now ;) 

Keep checking back to see what other tasks I have!